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Buy an Atmosphere XL4


 (1) Free 10 pack HFT

(1) Free 5 pack HFT 2.0

(1) Free 3 pack HFT X

This acoustic treatment package includes everything your customer needs to create an effective, discrete and affordable acoustic solution.  The Atmosphere XL4 is the 2nd generation model of the award-winning Atmosphere XL.  Doubling the RF signal broadcast power of the original and creating a 360-degree generation field, the Atmosphere XL4 is a significant improvement over the already impressive Atmosphere XL.


When you purchase an Atmosphere XL4 ($3495) in the month of October, you will receive a free ten pack of HFT's, a free five pack of HFT 2.0's and a free three pack of HFT X's ($1097 Value).  Customers can use the three sets of free HFT's on their walls letting their speakers and room disappear, leaving nothing but a live holographic musical event in your listening room, or living room.



In addition to the promotional HFT's, for the Ultimate HFT acoustic setup, we recommend a customer purchase an additional five pack of HFT's, five pack of HFT 2.0 and three pack of HFT X's to complete the room placement as well as speaker placement which is equally effective.




Items may not be "mixed and matched".  Each Atmosphere XL4 will come with the exact items listed above.  Free items must be ordered at the time of purchase. Items that are added on after the original order will NOT qualify. Cannot be combined with other offers.

Offer is valid until October 31st, 2017

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