Weinhart Design is loaded with new and great audio products. We're very proud to have The
Amazing Top Reviewed and sought after Magico Q5 Speaker's in the showroom for you to audition
by appointment. Also we are proud to have the top-of-the-line, cost no object ClearAudio Statement
turntable as our " Analog LP Reference". We're the only dealer in the entire U.S. to have it on display along with the Goldfinger II cartridge. We offer, full home Automation, Lighting Control, Design services, Service, Repair and the best Installation team. Come in and experience what's truly possible in Audio, Video and home automation.


**LIMITED ENGAGEMENT ** MAGICO Q-7's are on display for a very limited time. Please call ASAP to schedule an appointment to hear the finest sound we have ever produced in our showroom ! ** FINEST SPEAKER EVER MADE** That is the basic conclusion of Robert Harley, editor-in-chief of The Absolute Sound, “…the Q7 is the single most impressive product—in any category—that I’ve come across in more than 23 years of full-time reviewing.” We're very proud to announce the Q7 has been selected as the Overall “Product of the Year” by The Absolute Sound magazine. GO

**POWER CONDITIONING SALE ** Power conditioning has reached WHOLE NEW LEVELS of performance. In my humble opinion we offer the best two non wall mounted power conditioners currently available. The Synergistic Research 10SE MK-III regularly $5,500 and the PS Audio P-1 (IN STOCK) Power Conditioner & Power Re-Genitor $4,995) and many others at lower prices. We are currently offering the highest trade in's imaginable on these two INCREDIBLE Power Conditioners. Please call and or e-mail and find out what is possible in your system!

**New Arrival** The new Audio Desk Systeme's Audio Desk Vynal Cleaner offers a whole new class of LP cleaning. We are offering top trade in's on any and all Record cleaners. See for your self why Michael Fremer and virtually everyone is so excited about the improvements that only SONIC Cleaning can do. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED !! Want to see it in action? Check out this video! Please call David for all the details. You'll get an incredible deal on these hot items. 310-472-8880

HUGE SPRING ESTATE SALE. This year we've become the West Coast largest Audio Estate Dealer. Several large audio estates have come our way and more arrive daily. Give a call to find the latest items before we list them. We offer Generous trade-ins! Big saving, big inventories of new, demo, close outs and b-Stock. New inventory arrives daily. Please call David in the Los Angeles Showroom 310-472-8880 and get the deals before anyone else sees them. GO


Weinhart Design's choice in products is front cover news in the audio magazines. We consistently carry the top reviewed gear in the world and many times, well before the magazines review them. Just a few examples: John Atkinson's rave review on the QOL Line completion Stage; Atkinson's Stereophile cover story "Meridian's Ground Breaking 808.2 CD player”. John says the 808.2 CD Player, "Re-invents CD Playback". Robert Harley's best product in his entire career as a reviewer the Magico Q-7 speakers concluding: I’ll even go so far as to say the Q7’s presentation was the most musically lifelike and realistic I’ve ever heard from a hi-fi system… We're a Meridian Premium Partner, their high level dealer and have on display: Sooloos Music Server, 861 Surround Pre Amplifier with Meridian's top speakers the Digital Active Meridian DSP-8,000.2's and DSP 5200's. The Absolute Sound Robert Harley's conclusion on the Meridian 808 CD player "The Meridian 808.2 is, in my estimation, the most significant product in the history of the compact disc." This is my absolute favorite Digital source and We are pleased to have the many of the Meridian products on display. Experience them for yourself. "Meridian's Revolutionary Digital Speaker and CD player" is the August cover story in The Absolute Sound. Many of the Meridian's incredible products are here and waiting for you to audition as well as Golden Ear Award winners and many others. GO


Our inventory of vinatge and rare audio gear is enormous now that we're the largest estate audio dealer on the West Coast. We list weekly on Audiogon. Weinhart Design offers the best prices on trade-ins, pre owned, consignment, demo, close outs and vintage audio and video equipment. Look at our selection of great buys posted on Audiogon. Additionally, it is a good idea to call us as we always have fresh items not yet posted in our world class Audio & Video showroom 310-472-8880 or weekends at 310-927-2260 GO

Needle scale blowout pricingDigital Cartridge Scale BLOWOUT

The best Digital Cartridge scale I've used. Made for me to the highest standards. $95 each 3 or more only $75 each. Available elsewhere for $139 - $200+. Metal compact case, comes with calibration weight for checking accuracy. Auto Calibration with Tare full capacity and low area designed. Best made for weighing out cartridges to a 100th of a gram. Call for all the details.

We're the only dealer in the entire U.S. that has the ultimate analog Clearaudio Statement Turntable on display. Harry Pearson's favorite turntable. It also features the ultimate cartridge: the Goldfinger. Come in and do something you can't do at any other audio dealer in the states. Hear the Clearaudio Statement in our showroom. GO


Rundown Magazine raves: If you need more Bruce Wayne-style gadgets and effects (at Bruce Wayne-style prices), David Weinhart builds complex systems that are easy to use. Aside from high-performance screening rooms, he'll design different speaker zones, integrate security cameras. Even make your aquarium's temperature and pH remotely adjustable via Internet.

Home Entertainment picks Meridian G98DH DVD player, G68ADV surround-sound processor. GO


Two Audiophiles were speaking on the phone, First audiophile said: "I hear Joe died." Second audiophile replied: "I didn't know that. What did he have?" First audiophile responded: "Oh, EAR, Meridian, Harmonic Technology and Magico."


"All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them." Galileo

"Old age is 'when you still have something on the ball, but you are just too tired to bounce it."


EAR is Here! Tim de Paravicini's a legendary audio designer with years of experience in disc cutting. Tim's cut records for Water Lily Acoustics, Chesky Records, and Island Records. Tim knows music and his EAR gear reproduces it to perfection. We now have the EAR 890 amplifiers and the 868 & 912 Pre Amplifiers with full phono sections on display. Come in and listen to the best kept secrets in Audio.  GO


The 2012 TAS product of the Year awards have just been announced and we are very excited about the THREE 2012 TAS Product of the Year awards SYNERGISTIC RESEAR recieved First AC Power Conditioner of the Year by SYNERGISTIC RESEARCH GO They also grabbed Mid-Priced Interconnect of the Year GO Finally Upper-End Loudspeaker Cable of the Year GO


Digital media is an increasingly popular source of entertainment, with superb ease of access. Now there’s no need to compromise quality to achieve that convenience. MERIDIAN Explorer is the size of a USB stick, yet embodies the same style and performance as any other Meridian product. Make Your Digital Music Sing. GO


Weinhart Design is offering upgrades to the GOLDEN EAR winning MKI to the superior MK-II for $895 .The Absolute Sound Magazine (TAS) chose the PerfectWave DAC, Bridge and transport to receive the prestigious 2011 Golden Ear Award.


Just for the fun of it we've collected some of our ads throughout the years. Have a peak. GO

Von Schweikert ARRIVES!

WD is now a Von Schweikert Audio dealer. Legendary sound and appearance, Von Schweikert Audio has been on the forefront of highend audio speaker engineering and manufacturing for over 30 years. They've received 7 Product of the Year Awards and 50 rave reviews. GO


WD is now a REL dealer. As you can see they are now not only known for their superior low bass but for impeccable design. The G1 also comes with a beautiful and convenient remote. Make an appt to hear a pair of G1's in the renown Weinhart Design reference system!  GO


Coming soon the new & improved Epson 6020 UB the best value we know of on a high performance Video Projector. Featuring Full HD 2D and 3D 1080p performance and an astounding contrast ratio of up to 320,000:1, brilliant color and exquisite detail Rechargeable for up to 40 hours of battery life! Please call for details 310-472-8880  GO


Everyone has been asking and we've been listening. Synergistic Research is finally at Weinhart Design. To kick off the new line start by reading the Blue Moon Award they just received for their PowerCell And Tesla SE T3 Active Power Cord. Review here.The other links go to our Synergistic page.  GO


Weinhart Design is very hard to impress after 30 years in hi-end. But Synergistic Research has done just that, their products exceed our very high standards. Please contact us to audition their superb products and find out what your trade ins are worth. Their power conditioners and interconnects and room treatments have surpassed out greatest expectations. Come in and demo one or arrange to take one home. You'll be an instant believer.  GO


Weinhart Design now has PSB speakers in the our showroom and the Synchrony One on display and ready for demo.

Reviews say, "The PSB Synchrony Ones are one of the best sounding speakers I have had the pleasure to audition in my home." Come and find out why people claim they have Unmatched Realism from $200 a pair to $5,500.

We've found that PSB surpasses anything in their price range. These speakers have satisfied many of the Weinhart Design's toughest and incredibly famous, high profile client's who have chosen our custom whole house automation.  GO


Announcing the introduction of the Bryston BHA-1 Headphone amp. Dual Mono, Noble control, decreed Class A, balanced and more...Raves from other Bryston: Stereophile October issue 2011 Rates Bryston AAA status. Month after month Bryston proves its the gear to have. Previous rave for Bryston is for their incredible BDA-1 Dac. "This was clearly a world class digital component." Check it out.

‘Stereophile Magazine’ has awarded the following Bryston components their highest Class A rating in the October 2010 issue under Recommended Components:

28B SST² Amplifier, 9B SST² Amplifier, BDA-1 External DAC, Bryston BCD-1 CD Player and Bryston SP2 Preamp/Processor. Come in for a listen.

Fantastic reviews pour in daily! We now have a separate page as there's too many to list!


Amongst the best CD sound regardless of the amount you spend! You can mark my words, the reviewers will go CRAZY for it and true Reference CD sound has never been this good or REASONABLE. We are offering the highest trade in imaginable. Call for trade in pricing and availability. We are available weekdays 10-4PM (310) 472-8880 or email. GO


Because choosing a music system isn't black and white Meridian announces a more colorful approach. Seven gorgeous colors to fit your decor and naturally your ears. Weinhart Design is consistently one of the top Meridian dealers in the country. Come and or call to talk to an expert.


Weinhart Design had their Wine & Cheese with E.A.R.'s Tim Paravicini. A great time and sounds all around. Check out the photos! GO


On Sunday October 21, 2012 from 1 - 5PM,  Weinhart Design featured the one and only Bob Carver here to speak for the Los Angeles & Orange County Audio Society and the Weinhart Design customers. Bob Carver, made a rare personal appearance at this event and spoke about his design goals for his new products and future Carver gear in the pipeline. He was available for Q&A and for autographing gear and manuals. Check out our dedicated LAOC 2012 page. GO


FINALLY a product that substantially improves, digital & analog sound. Both Stereo & Mono! Best product of its type, earning the Weinhart Design Product of the Year. A must for music lovers and Audiophiles! A total game changer for mono recordings!!!

Call David and have a look at the BSGT web site and links to reviews. Especially Robert Harley's rave review in The Absolute Sound. Outside the Box. QOL Inventor, Barry Stephen Goldfarb Talks with Robert Harley. Issue220 February 2012. GO


After an incredible 5 years since the Magico V3’s first release, we are excited to introduce its successor, the S5. This three-way, four-driver floor standing loudspeaker borrows heavily from the peerless Q-Series' technological arsenal and employs new manufacturing techniques to create what is the most value-laden Magico loudspeaker yet. GO

Meridian makes Digital Active Subs

Introducing Meridian's first DSP sub. The DSW is a powerful and dynamic subwoofer offering exceptional performance in a wide range of Meridian system applications. A perfect and elegant match for their alpha series. GO


After two great years Perfect Wave just released the Mark II version. Way too many upgrades to list here. Asynchronous, 11 new supplies, lower jitter, analog path, lower noise and more. You can read all the improvement here but ready wouldn't you rather come in and hear them?


Probably the most forward thinking wireless music systems in the world with close to half a dozen products that fit every lifestyle and budget. They're here and you'll want to explore them. You can't afford not to at these prices.


Without question the new Clearaudio Goldfinger Statement MC phono cartridge at $15,000 is my new standard that all cartridges will forever be judged against. Never have I heard anything so real. It's here for discriminating audiophiles to demo and is a truly breathtaking experience.
Look for the pending rave review in TAS by Jonathan Valin.


We've been a Meridian dealer for over 15 years and are constantly blown away with the way Meridian is always redefining and pushing the limits of Home Theater and automation. You owe it to yourself to experience Meridian in our world class Los Angeles Showroom and see and hear what Meridian can do for your needs. Meridian makes the best surround systems and products which is why we've been one the largest grossing Meridian dealers in the U.S. for over 15 years. Please call for a consultation and or to make an appointment to hear and see what is possible in your home. Meridian Home Theater. GO

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